ZJ-1500 Red Univesal Car mount holder

ZJ-1500 Red Univesal Car mount holder

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Fits 4.7-6.5 inch smartphones
Universal horzontal air outlet
Easily adjust for the perfect viewing angle
Silicone grips prevent damage of device

Unique circular claw design, while grasping the mobile phone, it can show yourdomineering full-screen mobile phone, safer without cover

Small, but also be smaller
The height of the bracket is only 38mm without the phone, which is 1/3 of the conventional car bracket.

Not ashamed more overall
Unique one-word design, simple to the extreme, perfectyly intergrated with your car interior, no more harmonious

Pneumatic shock protection
Keep phone stable all the way
The contact surface of the mobile phone and the bracket adopts a special shock absorbing design to automatically adjust the pop-up height according to the thickness of the mobile phone. the bracket is always attached to the back of the mobile phone to avoid swaying and abnormal noise, and can be firmly clamped when the vehicle over-speed belt and shaking.